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Dear City Council Member,

As a supporter of Urban Advantage, I am most appreciative of the educational enrichment this program has provided to students and their schools.

New York City is home to some of the Nation's leading science-rich institutions. At a time when the state of science education is a cause for major concern in our City and in communities across the country, eight of the City's cultural institutions, through the leadership of the City Council, have jointly created a model science education program that connects New York City public middle-school teachers and students with the excitement of scientific discovery, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Urban Advantage is the only City-wide science program in New York City. It addresses two major issues--the critical shortage of teachers with adequate qualifications and preparation in science, and the challenge of preparing middle school students for the City-mandated 'exit projects.' The program provides participating schools with equipment and supplies to help students conduct authentic science investigations, it also provides teachers with professional development trainings, and the opportunity for students, teachers, and their families to visit these science-rich institutions for free.

As my elected official, I enthusiastically look to you to endorse this program and respectfully request, to the extent possible, fully supporting Urban Advantage."


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