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COVID-19 Update for UA School Staff and Families

Dear UA participant,

During this extended period of uncertainty around the coronavirus, we are all working to maintain health and safety while continuing to provide Urban Advantage programing.

Modifications to Urban Advantage’s family programs during the 2020-2021 school year will primarily consist of changes to the admissions procedures at UA partner institutions. Specifically, depending on the institution you will be visiting, reservations may be required in advance, with timed entry often required. Please go to the link to learn more, or directly contact the institution you wish to visit to get more information. You may need to request your vouchers directly from your child’s UA teacher. Be assured UA’s voucher program will adapt to reflect advanced booking with timed entry, and UA families will continue to have access to UA’s cultural institutions.

For UA Teachers, Administrators and Parent Coordinators, all professional learning (PL) will be online.

We will continue to closely monitor policies that affect your visits to the UA partner institutions and make information available through this site.

Sincerely yours,
The UA partners