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Family Science Day at NYSCI!

Ever wonder what stars you are looking at in the night sky? We’ll
showcase the stars we see in the night sky with a technique called
star hopping and will make connections between the constellations to
their Greek mythologies.
Materials needed:
Paper, pencil, Crayons/Markers

Inside the Eye
Go inside the eye! Experiment with various optical illusions and learn
how the brain can deceive the eye. Conduct investigations on depth
perception. See how much we can learn about our eyes through a
cow’s eye dissection.

WOW Science
Enjoy awesome demos on science phenomena including electricity,
chemistry and air pressure. No materials needed.

Family Science Days serve as a kickoff to our Urban Advantage program year, and is meant to get our schools, students and families excited about science and to create a memorable experience at our museums, gardens and zoos. Each of our eight UA institutions hosts a Family Science Day during the month of October. It is our hope that Family Science Day will spark student interest in science and inspire them to return to our institutions on their own.

How to attend

Online Via Zoom
4:00 - 7:00 PM
Detailed Insctructions:

Teachers and Parent Coordinators: Please find the Family Science Day flyer and event details by logging into your myUA Portal.
Students and Families: If you are in an Urban Advantage school, please contact your Science Teacher for more details about this event.