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Family Science Day at the Bronx Zoo!

Tour of Congo, Bio-Facts, Live Ambassador Animals, and More!

Join us at the Bronx Zoo for a day of fun, science, and adventure! Family Science Day is an open house, in which families can engage in exciting activities here at the zoo! You can meet live animal ambassadors  in our Africa Lab Classroom and participate in fun activities in our Congo Classroom! The activities can range from examining various animal bio-facts, uncovering animal mysteries and learning about conservation! You can also meet some of the Urban Advantage staff and educators, interact with other Urban Advantage schools and families, and enjoy the sights and exhibits at the Bronx Zoo!

Family Science Days serve as a kickoff to our Urban Advantage program year, and is meant to get our schools, students and families excited about science and to create a memorable experience at our museums, gardens and zoos. Each of our eight UA institutions hosts a Family Science Day during the month of October. It is our hope that Family Science Day will spark student interest in science and inspire them to return to our institutions on their own.

How to attend

The Bronx Zoo, Saturday, October 20th, from 10am-1pm. Activities will be held in the Congo Forest classrooms, and live animal demos will be held in Africa Lab classroom.
Detailed Insctructions:Tickets:

Families can attend Family Science Day by using an Urban Advantage Family Science Day flyer.  These flyers are given to Urban Advantage teachers in September. Each flyer is good for up to 4 people to attend ONE Family Science Day event. Please note that the Family Science Day flyers can be used ONLY for scheduled Family Science Day events. Families can also reach out to their school’s Parent Coordinator to learn if they are planning a group visit to Family Science Day.