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iPad Raffle

Use your vouchers and win an iPad!

Want a chance to win an iPad? Yes! How can I be entered in the raffle?

Just use your UA “Student +3” vouchers for free admission to any of the institutions by May 31, and write your email address or phone number on the voucher. The winner will be announced after UA EXPO in June. Only students of Urban Advantage teachers qualify to win. The winner will be contacted at the email address or phone number written on the voucher.

What can administrators, parent coordinators and teachers do to help?  ENCOURAGE YOUR STUDENTS AND THEIR FAMILIES TO USE THEIR UA “STUDENT +3” VOUCHERS!  What if my students have lost their “Student +3” vouchers?  Go to, login and request more!

NOTE: iPad is a prize for individual students (4 iPads are raffled for 4 different students)