How can my school apply to participate in UA?

How schools apply to join UA

The UA School Application will be available in May 2018.  The application must be completed by a school administrator. The application link will be available at

The application process:

1.  The school administrator submits a UA school application that includes accurate contact information for the teachers who wish to participate. The application can be found at

2.  Each middle school science teacher listed on the school application will then be sent an invitation to submit a UA teacher application. This will be automatically sent to each teacher listed on the school application.  Email addresses must be correct.

3.  Once the application process is closed (usually July 15) UA will contact you with further information regarding participation. Receipt of BOTH UA school and UA teacher applications are required to be considered for participation.

PLEASE NOTE THE UA SCHOOL APPLICATION MUST BE COMPLETED BY A PRINCIPAL OR AP; UA is a school-based program that requires the participation of the school’s administration, the science teachers and the parent coordinator. Participation in the Urban Advantage Science Initiave is subject to eligibility and funding.  Urban Advantage funding is provided by the New York City Council and the NYC Department of Education and there is no charge to NYC public middle schools.

Urban Advantage Partner Institutions: